An eldorado for anglers!

Hitra {572 km2, 4.100 inhabitants} is the largest Norwegian island south of the Lofotens. The landscape changes from wild, open moorland to thick pine forests and rocky terrain. Hitra has excellent fishing lakes stocked with trout and char, the densest population of deer in Europe, and a rich birdlife with many species of seabirds and a large population of white-tailed eagles. Hitra is fantastic in glorious summer weather but the nature experience can be equally uplifting when the north wind blows head-on, when snowflakes swirl or on frosty cold moonlit nights. The fish bites all year and Angelamfi is full o faction summer and winter. From a single glance at the charts you know what this island has to offer in terms of sea fishing. The sea bed is full of crevices and channels with sheer walls. Geologically varied skerries lay between forests of kelp and sandbanks. This underwater landscape is home to almost all North Atlantic fish species, but Hitra is best known for its numerous deep sea plateaus providing the perfect habitat for ling, codfish and halibut. Sea fishing Angelamfi Grefsnesvågen lies on the west side of Hitra, on the extremely fish-rich Frøyfjorden. The area is particularly known for its feisty Pollack. The waters are also abundant in other species such as cod, torsk and other various oceanic species, and with a bit luck you might also hook a monkfish or halibut. There are excellent spots for catching red-fish, and specialists in sea angling can try their skills in the famous “Blålanghølen” which is 400 metres deep in parts. Angelamfi Hitra provides information about all the best fishing areas,and at Grefsnesvågen you can also hire a fishing guide to accompany you. Freshwater fishing With some 700 freshwater lakes,Hitra is a veritable eldorado for trout fishing. The best times for trout fishing are April/May and September/October + ice fishing in winter. We can provide advice, maps, directions and information where to obtain fishing permits for the various lakes. We can also arrange a local fishing guide.

Sports fishing at Hitra, Norway

We wish you a warm welcome and hope that you will enjoy the rich opportunities of what our coastline at Hitra has to offer. We also hope that you will take the time to read this notice which describes the most important obligations and rights you must observe when travelling in the coastal regions of Hitra. Sea fishing There is no charge for sea fishing. Foreign citizens may engage in sports fishing with hand held tackle, but may mot set out fixed equipment such as fish, lobster or crab pots or nets, fishing lines or fishing nets. Foreign citizens may not sell their catches. It is illegal to use living animals or fish as bait. All persons carrying out sea fishing activities must show caution while so doing, whether fishing from land or a vessel. Be aware that you are liable to pay compensation if you, whether wilfully or by accident, damage fishing equipment or tackle that has been set out. It is illegal to fish closer than 100 meters from a fish farm or other net enclosures. This to avoid to the net pens, and possible escape of the fish. Lobsters The lobster, also known as the “Cardinal of the Sea”, has, as a result of over fishing been designated as a threatened species in Norwegian coastal waters. Foreign citizens may not, as stated earlier, use equipment for catching lobsters. Please also note that it is illegal to catch lobsters in connection with sports diving. Breaches of these protective regulations will result in fines being imposed. Sea bird sanctuaries All, traffic is strictly forbidden in such reserves and sanctuaries between 15th of April and 15th of July, with exception of the counties Rogaland and Sogn& Fjordane where the ban is from the 13th of April to the 1st of August. The ban on all traffic also applies to sea traffic within 50 metres from ashore. Dogs and other animals must be kept on a leash all year round in the reserves and sanctuaries. Any activities that may disturb the natural surroundings, including but not limited to, camping and making of fires are strictly forbidden year round. Keep Norway clean and tidy! Take your garbage with you and ensure that it’s properly disposed of! Good luck with your fishing at Hitra, Norway!